Cabin info

What you get

  • Carpet and underlay
  • LED inside and outside lights
  • Two double power points
  • Distribution board with circuit breakers and RCD.
  • Two opening windows & ranch slider – both lockable
  • Ranch slider placement can be either on short or long side for convenient access on your property
  • Electrical code of compliance
  • Power adaptor and caravan power cable to plug into standard three point house plug.
  • 60mm x 40mm Fully Welded Galvanized box section steel chassis
  • 4.1 x 2.4 Metres - Council permit not required as less than 10m2
  • 18mm plywood for cabin base floor
  • 75mm EPS panel construction
Additional features can be added as requested – customised to your needs


Payment options

We offer Rent to Own at as low as $75 pw. Contact Craig for more information

We also supply rentals from $85 pw or you can purchase outright

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